Transcend Meetings Continue to Get Bigger and Better

Transcend has now hosted ten meetings! Each and every meeting has brought new faces, new perspectives, and a host of education, support, and fun for not only the attendees, but the facilitators, as well.


At our last Charles City meeting, the topic was Coming Out. We watched Ash Beckham’s video, “Coming out of your closet,” and discussed the idea of coming out as not just part of the LGBT experience, but as part of the human experience.┬áThe discussion that came out of that topic was amazing – and with twenty people in attendance, it was also the most talkative meeting we’ve ever had! Check out this great group!



At our most recent Mason City meeting, we split up into two groups – transgender and cisgender. This gave everyone in both groups a great opportunity to ask questions and have conversations that they may have been uncomfortable talking about in front of members of the other group. Both groups were encouraged to ask questions that may seem “inappropriate” to ask at other times, but that may have been weighing on their minds. Having a split format is something we had experimented with at a Charles City meeting a few weeks ago, and found that the attendees really enjoyed it, and the feedback from our Mason City meeting has encouraged us to put this format in rotation. We’ll be splitting up into transgender and cisgender groups every few months so that as new people attend and more questions arise, everyone will have the chance to have discussion in a safe environment. We had a fantastic turnout for this meeting!



We are really looking forward to our next couple of meetings – they will be held on Friday, June 2, in Charles City and on Saturday, June 10, in Mason City. Check out our Events page for more information!

Transcend has a blast at the Wartburg Drag Show!

Like, totally! A huge group of tubular Transcend members rocked bandanas, buttons, and beads to attend the 80s-themed 11th Annual Drag Show, hosted at Wartburg College and put on by the totally radical Wartburg College Alliance. Not only did our members yell themselves hoarse, vault seats to catch T-shirts, and have an amazing time together, they got to see one of their own perform! That’s right, our very own Emily Singleton, looking pretty in purple, took the stage by storm and lip synched her heart out! She inspired several other members to commit to next year’s performance right then and there! Can’t wait to cheer for you all at next year’s show!



(Picture posted with permission from all shown.)